brag map
n. A map used for bragging purposes, particularly a map that exaggerates the importance of a place, or that shows where one is from or the places one has visited.
Also Seen As
Poster inspired by Texas “brag maps,” 2008, in “Variations on a Rectangle.”
—Gerry Beegan, “‘How To,’ ‘Variations on a Rectangle’ and ‘The Art of Typewriting’” (photo caption), The New York Times, December 04, 2015
The weird normcore art genre of the Silicon Valley Brag Map.
—Eric Dielli, “The weird…,” Twitter, April 06, 2015
anyone know the link for the brag map by your name? I got some states to shade in and forgot the link to update.
—rv1, “Your Brag Map,” RV Park Reviews, July 24, 2011
I have an affinity for state brag maps and postcards. It's a fun little niche.
—Imperator Sparkles, “I have…,” Twitter, July 09, 2009
Utilizing the familiar concept of the Texas Brag Map, Stout created a Texas Designer’s Map Of The World. His creation visually trumpets the importance of all things Texas, while jokingly denigrating all other regional also-rans and showcasing that brand of humor unique to Texas inhabitants.
—Evan Kessler, “Texas Designer's Map Of The World,”, February 29, 2008
2004 (earliest)
Official Texas Brags Map of North America.
—“Spring 2004, Catalog 43” (PDF), The Old Map Gallery, September 05, 2004
Texas brag map. (Source)
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