brand name-dropping
n. Attempting to impress others by frequently mentioning the brand names of goods that one owns.
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DotComGuy's year-long experiment in self-imposed isolation, e-commerce and brand-name dropping has finally come to an end - and he's richer only in experience.
—Joseph Gallivan, “DotComGuy leaves home,” The New York Post, January 03, 2001
1981 (earliest)
Pat Kramer (Lily Tomlin) is an ordinary, upwardly mobile, southern California housewife, much like her brand-name-dropping neighbors in the suburban community of Tasty Meadows.
—Vincent Canby, “Film: Lily Tomlin, Shrinking Woman,” The New York Times, January 30, 1981
This phrase — a play on name-dropping (1950) — has been showing up sporadically in the media for a while now.
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