brand wagon
n. A marketing trend that focuses on using branding concepts and techniques.
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Everbody's jumping on the "brand wagon" these days, but there are real dangers in extending corporate names too far, says Tom Freston, a marketing guru and founder of MTV.
—Robert Brehl, “MTV man warns about branding,” The Globe and Mail, June 19, 1998
Recently, many British consumer-goods companies, including Ranks Hovis McDougall and Grand Metropolitan, have jumped on the brandwagon.
—“On the brandwagon,” The Economist, January 20, 1990
1989 (earliest)
t is clear the question of valuing brands and intangible assets will plague the accountancy profession for some time. But action is required urgently. As the brand wagon gathers momentum companies still have a free hand in shaping their balance sheets, with the consequent implications for share prices.
—“View from City Road: RHM clarifies brand debate,” The Independent, January 17, 1989
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