n. A curriculum that aims to reduce or eliminate bullying in schools.
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Schoolyard bullies are nothing new, but the Columbine High School massacre and subsequent school shootings have brought new attention to the problem. Teen gunmen Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold partly blamed bullying by jocks for their murderous rampage on April 20, 1999.

Suddenly, 'bullyproofing' was the new buzzword in public education. But despite countless 'zero tolerance' manifestos, bullying still occurs and isn't likely to be totally eradicated.
—Peter G. Chronis, “Besieged by Bullies,” The Denver Post, June 24, 2001
1994 (earliest)
Strathclyde region has devised a video (with associated materials) called Promoting Positive Behaviour and will issue later this year a second package, Promoting Positive Relationships, subtitled Bully-Proofing Our Schools — aimed at teachers, pupils and parents alike.
—Dick Louden, “Who Says Names Will Never Harm You,” The Herald, February 22, 1994
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