n. A politician or other member of the U.S. Democratic party who has with strong private-sector credentials.
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Mr. Bruggere is just one of the so-called "businesscrats" encouraged to run for the Capitol's more exclusive chamber by Sen. Bob Kerrey (D) of Nebraska, himself a former businessman, Vietnam vet, and chairman of the Democratic Senate committee in charge of recruitment. …

In Washington, these "businesscrats" are also dubbed "Kerrey candidates," because they are in many ways clones of the Nebraska Democrat — young, moderate, and successful in business.
—Linda Feldmann, “To Take Senate, Democrats Try Tapping 'Businesscrats',” Christian Science Monitor, April 05, 1996
1988 (earliest)
And when it comes time to vote, warned Alana Perez of ''Heavenly Hams,'' who described herself as a ''business-crat,'' she would certainly remember this Democratic experience.
—Charlotte Grimes, “The week Atlanta is cooking,” St Louis Post-Dispatch, July 20, 1988
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