n. A restaurant set up in a converted bus.
Also Seen As
As the name implies, a bustaurant is not a truck but a bus, often a double-decker with the lower level for the kitchen and the upper level for customers to sit and eat.
—Rich Mintzer, “Beyond the Food Truck: Six Ideas for Mobile Food Businesses,” Entrepreneur, September 26, 2011
But when Mr. Schick and his business partner, Blake Tally, decided to open Le Truc, a San Francisco "bustaurant," with a gourmet kitchen and dedicated seating area inside a converted school bus, the two quickly learned that the kitchens in food trucks are very different from their brick-and-mortar equivalents.
—Todd Lapin, “The Vehicle of Street Food Is Getting an Overhaul,” The New York Times, January 14, 2011
1992 (earliest)
That time — and place — is about an hour later in a "bustaurant", a beautifully appointed mobile restaurant hired for the services of the star during the shoot.
—Mark Lawrence, “Super sleuth is, aah…a super bloke,” The Age, October 31, 1992