celebrity worship syndrome
n. An obsessive interest in famous people.
Also Seen As
If you've ever purchased a supermarket tabloid to see photos of Katie's baby …

If you took sides in Jen vs. Angelina ….

If you know that Gwyneth Paltrow named her firstborn child after a fruit …

You might have Celebrity Worship Syndrome.
—Maggie Downs, “Starstruck!,” The Desert Sun, January 21, 2007
In this media-saturated world, celebrity is a growing new power. It manipulates taste, fashion and advertising. It is all-pervasive. There has even been a mental illness invented to describe those who follow celebrities too closely. It is called Celebrity Worship Syndrome and its sufferers dedicate their lives to the chosen subject of their affection. For me the key word here is 'worship'. Celebrities have become new Gods and Godesses. We idolise them.
—Paul Harris, “Sick of the fame game,” The Guardian, July 06, 2006
2002 (earliest)
Did you weep for Gareth, the fallen Pop Idol? Or perhaps an actor losing out on an Oscar made you cry. Did you retreat to your special room to pay homage to the dozens of photos of your favourite star?

If you did, you could be suffering from CWS — celebrity worship syndrome — or, even worse, celebrity erotomania, a delusion that a star is in love with you.
—Roger Dobson, “Mad for Brad? Then you may have CWS,” Independent On Sunday, February 17, 2002