charge rage
n. Anger and frustration caused by a lack of available electric-car charging stations, or by having one's electric car unplugged by a person whose own car needs charging.
Also Seen As
The growing popularity of environmentally friendly motoring in America has led to a new phenomenon, "charge rage", as the owners of electric cars compete for places to plug in their cars.
—David Millward, “'Charge Rage' — electric car owners get angry after having vehicles unplugged,” The Telegraph, January 23, 2014
Just three years later, SAP faces a problem that is increasingly common at Silicon Valley companies — far more electric cars than chargers. Sixty-one of the roughly 1,800 employees on the campus now drive a plug-in vehicle, overwhelming the 16 available chargers. And as demand for chargers exceeds supply, a host of thorny etiquette issues have arisen, along with some rare but notorious incidents of "charge rage."
—Dana Hull, “'Charge rage': Too many electric cars, not enough workplace chargers,” San Jose Mercury News, January 19, 2014
2011 (earliest)
What happens when Brian gets to one of these few charging points and someone else has their car plugged in? If you disconnect their car to charge your car, would you get the equivalent of charge-rage instead of road-rage?
—Craig Shepeard, “Mini adventure: how far can an electric car go?” (comment), BBC News, January 14, 2011