n. The process of making a city safer and more accessible for bicyclists and pedestrians.
In mid-July, a group of 18 Chicagoans including Deputy Mayor, Steve Koch, went on a study trip to Copenhagen to seek the council of Danish experts.
—Mai-Britt Kristensen, “Chicago enroute to ‘Copenhagenization’,” Cycling Embassy of Denmark, July 22, 2013
The concept of Copenhagenization has become a celebrated form of urban planning. It refers to what you see before you. A city that doesn't just make cycling possible, but redesigns its streets to make it the norm.
—“Quest Means Business,” CNN Transcripts, June 06, 2011
2008 (earliest)
The Copenhagenization of the French capital has not just begun, it has developed in leaps and bounds. There are 20,000 Vélib bikes at about 1500 racks around the city. Add to this thousands of normal bikes that have crawled out of the woodwork and rolled out of the bike shops.
—Mikael Colville-Andersen, “The Birth of Bike Culture — Vive la Vélib,”, May 13, 2008
This week's New York Observer story on "the beautiful bicycle girls of New York" may very well be the most e-mailed news item ever forwarded to the Streetsblog inbox….

Call it the Copenhagenization of NYC.
—Aaron Naparstek, “Bicycles Are the New NYC 'It Girl' Fashion Accessory,” Streetsblog, September 06, 2007