n. A person who opposes copyright laws and practices that he or she perceives to be unfair.
Other Forms
Mark down the date: The age of stealing music via the Internet is officially over. It’s time for everybody to go legit. The reason: We won. And all you audiophiles and copyfighters, you know who fixed our problems? The record labels and online stores we loved to hate.
—Paul Boutin, “The Age of Music Piracy Is Officially Over,” Wired, November 29, 2010
With the rushed passage into law of the Digital Economy Act this month, the fight over copyright enters a new phase. Previous to this, most copyfighters operated under the rubric that a negotiated peace was possible between the thrashing entertainment giants and civil society.
—Cory Doctorow, “Digital Economy Act: This means war,” The Guardian, April 16, 2010
2003 (earliest)
This blog will mostly focus on questions I have about the future of copyright with respect to the Internet and digital media.
—Derek Slater, “Introductions,” A Copyfighter's Musings, January 22, 2003