core training
n. A training regimen that focuses on strengthening the body's trunk muscles, especially the stomach and lower back.
No one answers. They're too busy concentrating on conditioning their 'core,' which is the whole point of this Reebok core board class. 'Core training' has become a buzzword in today's fitness circles, aimed at helping baby boomers — nearly 77 million strong — stave off the effects of aging by working from the inside out.
—Rhoda Fukushima, “Regimen focuses on torso-centered exercises,” Saint Paul Pioneer Press, June 09, 2001
1997 (earliest)
8:30 a.m. We drag ourselves from bed, having missed the early-morning walk. We don swimsuits for 'core training,' a water class that focuses on strengthening the back and stomach.
—Dawn Brazell, “Safety Harbor Spa provides port of rest,” The Post and Courier, December 07, 1997
The youngest of the baby boomers turn 35 this year, which means that it won't be long before the entire "hump" is complaining about aching backs and expanding paunches. So it's no wonder that core training has become such a buzzword. This method of training has been around forever, but the core training label seems to be only a few years old, as the earliest citation shows.
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