n. A working vacation spent in or near a facility that offers a shared office environment for independent workers.
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The coworkation is organized by Tribewanted, an alternative travel organization building communities, in (often) exotic locations, including a deserted island in Fiji or a beach in post-civil war Sierra Leone.
—Liza Jansen, “Why I decided to go on a cowork vacation in Bali for a month,” Quartz, March 09, 2015
Most solopreneurs and startup owners feel that they can't step back from their business to take a vacation.

But with Gravity joining CoWorking Visa this month the reality is you can take a coworkation.
—“No time for a vacation? Then try a coworkation,” Gravity, October 02, 2014
2013 (earliest)
Michal Kostal, co-founder of The Surf Office, has taken a major step when combining holidays and coworking. “We would like to achieve a balance for people who are coming from a coworking environment, and also for those employees who are simply feeling burnt-out, ” Kostal told Deskmag.
—Amanda Gray, “Coworcation: The most productive holiday you can take.,” Deskmag, July 09, 2013