n. A person who practices or advocates letting babies cry themselves to sleep.
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Why would parents spend $1,200 on a robotic bassinet? In this masterclass in profile writing for the New York Times, Ruth Margalit casts Harvey Karp as a modern-day Dr. Spock who sits somewhere in between helicopter parents and the "cry-it-outers."
So it will come as great relief to parents like me, who are closet cry-it-outers, that a new study found that crying it out is 1) beneficial to helping babies sleep 2) doesn’t cause any more harm than other “gentle” methods.
But the “cry it outers” will tell you that you’re just helping your child learn to self-soothe — an important part of emotional development and independence — and that your baby will not remember being so upset when they are older, after all, do you?
—Whitney Ross-Barris, “Slurp Derperration,”, February 02, 2012
2010 (earliest)
@AmandaDeGrace - you couldn't possibly be talking about my angel baby boy from #SSCTO!! :) I'm not a cry it outer.
—Julie Cole, “@AmandaDeGrace - you couldn't…,” Twitter, October 27, 2010