n. A person who only feels sexual attraction in the context of an emotional or romantic relationship.
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The term caught on only in the last few years, and now most people who are demisexual say their desire arises rarely and only from a deep emotional connection. For a demisexual, there is no moment of glimpsing a stranger across the room and being hit with a wave of lust.
—Kat McGowan, “Young, Attractive, and Totally Not Into Having Sex,” Wired, February 18, 2015
For example, a gay person could maybe also be sapiosexual, questioning, demisexual, and queer: That would be a man who is attracted to other men but only once there is a strong emotional romantic connection and mostly attracted to intelligence-based aspects of that bond but not sure about it and also throws on the word “queer” to clarify that he doesn’t conform to sexual norms.
—Katherine Timpf, “OKCupid Allowing Users to Identify as Five Sexual Orientations at Once,” National Review, November 18, 2014
Some asexuals identify as "gray-aces", that is, they may have some sexual attraction, or they experience sexual attraction, but only under specific circumstances. One example is demisexuality. Demisexuals experience secondary, but not primary sexual attraction, meaning they tend to only become attracted to those they’ve grown close to.
—ApostleOfCarlin, “Sex in San Diego: Asexuality 101 — The invisible orientation,” San Diego Free Press, September 26, 2013
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~Forbidden Fury~ said
I have developed more detailed terms, though I'm still working on them.

Primary sexual attraction is sexual attraction mostly based on physical attributes. An on-sight type of thing.

Secondary sexual attraction is sexual attraction that only develops after in contingent upon emotional attraction developing first.

That actually sounds pretty accurate to me. So I'd have secondary sexual attraction, but hardly any primary. If "sexual" is for both and "asexual" is for neither, maybe we need a new term for people who only have one but not the other?

I propose "demisexuals".
—sonofzeal, “Asexual sex” (reply), The Asexual Visibility & Education Network, February 08, 2006