deprivation cuisine
n. Food prepared in such a way that it is healthy, but bland.
Indulgent dishes like the towering fudge cake and the Big Macro veggie burger helped M Cafe de Chaya put to rest the idea that macrobiotic food is deprivation cuisine.
—Linda Burum, “Frugal find: fast food is good for you at Beverly Hills' Little M,” Los Angeles Magazine, March 01, 2010
Diets no longer constitute deprivation cuisine such as boiled vegetables and bland porridge.
—Sravanthi Challapalli, “Diet sans deprivation,” The Hindu Business Line, May 22, 2004
2000 (earliest)
Today's buzzwords for menu writers are roasted, grilled and braised. No steaming on that list. It has fallen victim to its own virtuous image: these days, steaming sounds like deprivation cuisine; too healthy, too boring.
—Marian Burros, “Take Steaming Seriously? Chefs Do,” The New York Times, October 25, 2000
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