v. To brag less than usual.
Downbragging: Bragging about how much you saved, or didn't have to spend, on vacation. Done so that you don't seem to be spending profligately during hard times.
—Jill Schensul, “From globizen to egotourist, new terms in the world of travel,” The Record (Bergen County, NJ), September 20, 2015
To uphumble and downbrag, 1) I'm saying I was wrong and 2) Kurt's tennis >>>> Carl's tennis
—Carl Bialik, “To uphumble…,” Twitter, July 03, 2015
Lots of humor and downbragging here #SS19
—Judith Buendgens-Kosten, “Lots of humor…,” Twitter, August 23, 2012
It would appear we've gone from downsizing to what can only be termed as downbragging: "We're really struggling — I can't remember our last Ocado delivery." "Well, this season's Boden catalogue went straight into the bin." Cue the tiniest, squeakiest violins in the world.
—Barbara Ellen, “It's time to debunk the myth of too posh to push,” The Guardian (London), November 21, 2010
2007 (earliest)
Postscript: That'll teach me to downbrag!
—Rosalea Barker, “The AntiiPhone,” Stateside with Rosalea, June 28, 2007
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