pp. Making numerous small, needless adjustments as a pretense of effort, particularly by a man.
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It's peak #dudefussing. Instead of having to think about what makes scoring happen, you fixate on irrelevant details.
—Clare Austin, “It's peak…,” Twitter, November 11, 2015
I see now that #fsharp has a lot to do with dudefussing over space and vertical alignment
—Ernest Pazera, “I see…,” Twitter, November 06, 2015
Twitter’s new Moments feature I don’t think of as dude-fussing, though Twitter’s new polls definitely are.
—Shane Dingman, “Changing a star to a heart won’t fix Twitter’s user growth problem,” The Globe and Mail, November 03, 2015
Tech writers at Buzzfeed refer to this impulse, delectably, as dude-fussing. It’s a term that was new to me (and I'm totally a dude-fusser), and it's how they also categorize the company's two recent feature additions, polls and "Moments".
—Robinson Meyer, “Twitter Unfaves Itself,” The Atlantic, November 03, 2015
2015 (earliest)
5. A lot of Twitter’s recent moves seem like dude-fussing.

Are you familiar with dude-fussing? It’s when you go camping and someone feels a primal need to poke at the fire every 30 seconds. Or when someone is barbecuing and they can't just leave the…burgers alone.
—Mat Honan, et al., “11 Immediate Reactions To Twitter Killing Favorites,” BuzzFeed, November 03, 2015