electronic paper
n. A thin, flexible sheet with the look and feel of paper, but that contains microscopic particles that display as either white or black in response to electrical charges.
Electronic paper could be bound together into book or newspaper form. Using wireless technology, content could be downloaded instantly onto the electronic pages. Imagine, for example, a daily e-newspaper beamed in each morning.
—Alec Klein, “E Ink writes its future on e-paper,” The Wall Street Journal, January 04, 2000
Traditional printed formats will be replaced by light-weight electronic paper (this is not science fiction it will be available in the UK next year) onto which you can download papers, magazines and books.
—James Beattie, “The World at Your Fingertips,” Birmingham Post, December 31, 1999
1984 (earliest)
These include interface technology, for example ‘electronic paper’—an A4 size monochrome flat panel display with integral touch-sensitive stylus input.
Displays 5, January 01, 1984 (OED)
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