n. The study of puzzles and puzzle construction.
Enigmatology is the study and construction of puzzles.
—“Know It All,” The San Mateo Daily Journal, August 01, 2012
Jeremy Logan, a character who appeared in a minor role in two earlier Child novels, takes center stage here. Logan is a history professor whose speciality is "enigmalogy," the study of puzzling, bizarre, or paranormal events—hauntings, the Loch Ness Monster, etc. (the term appears to be a made-up coinage, a spin-off, perhaps, of the real discipline of enigmatology).
—David Pitt, “The Third Gate,” Booklist, May 01, 2012
1978 (earliest)
Economics didn't turn out to be exactly the career he had in mind, and neither did law. So Will Shortz turned to enigmatology.
—Ceet Currier, “American Style: Enigmatology and Will Shortz,” The Associated Press, February 19, 1978
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