exercise widow
n. A woman who spends little time with her husband because of his frequent and extended exercise sessions.
The exercise widow often wakes to an empty bed—a sure sign of a morning workout—and may find dinner plans spoiled by a sudden avoidance of anything heavy before a night run.
—Kevin Helliker, “A Workout Ate My Marriage,” The Wall Street Journal, February 01, 2011
Dear Amy: My husband … has become so obsessed with his exercise program that he has little time or energy for me. He goes to bed shortly after our children do and wakes up early to work out. … I have talked to him about this. He makes an attempt to be with me, but then goes back to his routine.—Exercise Widow
—Amy Dickinson, “Quick quips may help keep bullies at bay,” Chicago Tribune, March 06, 2004
1992 (earliest)
Any of you who are "exercise widows" and whose husband is apt to be streaking out the door to jog just when you're getting ready to snuggle know the syndrome.
—Janet L. Wolfe, What to Do When He Has a Headache, Hyperion, May 04, 1992
My fella just puts up with being an exercise widower now, although it’s taken some time for him to accept that this I’m not going to change!
—TokaiAngel, “Ready? Set? GO! It's carbo-loading time up in herre,” "Ready? Set? GO! It's carbo-loading time up in herre!", November 20, 2008