n. A criminal who uses Facebook to commit, plan, or talk about a crime.
This article was inspired by a Facebook friend of mine who was tricked into displaying garbage on his Facebook page.
—Jim Fisher, “Outrageous Facecrooks,” Courier Journal, July 30, 2013
An escaped prisoner who taunted police on Facebook while on the run was yesterday back behind bars.
—“Facecrook nicked,” The Sun, January 14, 2010
2008 (earliest)
She doesn't have a computer and has no idea how to use the internet.

But this mum-of-five from Wallsend has become the target of online abuse after a Facebook page was mysteriously set up in her name.
—Katy Simpson, “Facecrook: Mum target of abuse after page set up in her name,” Evening Chronicle, September 18, 2008