n. Feature-laden software that seduces people into spending inordinate amounts of time tweaking various options for only marginal gains in productivity.
Even without a modem, the computer offers vast possibilities for distraction. With Windows or OS/ 2, you can spend all day changing the color scheme, the fonts, the icons, the look and feel of your screen…. Stephen Manes, a novelist and co-author (with Paul Andrews) of a recent biography of Microsoft mogul Bill Gates, named this kind of program 'fritterware.'
—James S. Fallows, “Computer Nerds, Stop Worrying: Your Obsession Can Make You a Better Human Being,” The Los Angeles Times, September 12, 1993
1992 (earliest)
BERKELEY SYSTEMS of Berkeley, California — famous for its After Dark screen saver — has boldly gone and licensed Star Trek's characters, sounds and alien life forms from Paramount Pictures. It is now producing a screen saver based on them.
—Jack Schofield, “Microfile,” The Guardian, August 06, 1992