n. A person who uses a Google Glass wearable computer in an obnoxious, pretentious, or creepy manner.
Also Seen As
Google has given some official advice on what to do and perhaps more importantly, what not to do, while wearing the company’s Google Glass smartglasses to avoid being a "glasshole".
—Samuel Gibbs, “Google Glass advice: how to avoid being a glasshole,” The Guardian, February 19, 2014
Google Glass devices were offered to software developers for $1,500 a unit in recent months. Early testers of Google Glass were spotted about the technology festival SXSW this month in Austin. Attendees referred to those wearing them as "Glassholes" because of their pretentious appearance and intrusive interaction of the front-facing camera.
—Scott Martin, “Computer fashions face social test,” USA Today, April 06, 2013
2012 (earliest)
Should I really be ignoring my immediate family so I can go answer a friend request from someone I haven’t talked to since junior high? If Glass catches on, we will need a name for people who ignore the physical in favor of their digital HUD—I suggest Glasshole.
—Dan Wearsch, “Google Glassholes,” Nerd.Is, April 07, 2012