n. The cone of light that shines from a single source of illumination, such as a device screen or light bulb.
Also Seen As
One particularly low evening, I sat on the couch reading my departed friend’s blog. I’d read it before—beginning to end, a river that spanned years and documented her battle with illness. This time I just scanned for images. I sat there frozen. My wet face locked into the glow-cone of my laptop, captivated by an unexpected solace: candid photos.
—Joe Brown, “Save all your photos — especially the 'bad' ones,” Wired, May 22, 2015
"Grab a seat." I kicked at a stool, sliding it partway out from under the bench, then flicked the switch on the work lamp. A yellow glowcone shone out and down from under its steel shade.
—Austen John, The Green Forty, C.P. White Media, July 22, 2014
2008 (earliest)
But if Tragg's quarters were something less than impressive, the man himself more than made up for it. A single glow cone lit the top of his hairless skull, the bridge of his nose, and the top of his cheekbones. The rest of his features fell into darkness.
—William C. Dietz, When All Seems Lost, Ace, August 26, 2008