Google bombing
n. Setting up a large number of web pages with links that point to a specific website so that the site will appear near the top of a Google search when users enter the link text.
Other Forms
Since Mathes planted that first Google Bomb, the practice has spread throughout the blogging community. Here are four types of Google Bombs whose fuses have already been lit:

1. Humor Bombs. Mathes' original Google Bomb remains the classic of this genre. It's pretty funny to see your friend come up in Google as the No. 1 talentless hackin the whole world. Successful humor bombs, like most Google Bombs, require search key words that don't get a lot of traffic.

2. Ego Bombs. Many bloggers want to be the top search result for their first name or full name. Free-lance writer David Gallagher posted this plea on his site: I've decided that I want to be the most famous David Gallagher on the Internet, and if you have a Web site, you can help. How? Link to this site like so: David Gallagher. As of March 22, he's ranked No. 3 in Google.

3. Money Bombs. So far, no one's paying bloggers to set off Google Bombs, but the practice is probably inevitable. Last month, Weblogger Brig Eaton floated the idea, saying that her father would be willing to pay to get his site Google Bombed into theNo. 1search result for Santa Cruz real estate. A week and a few (free) links later, had moved from the No. 189 Google result to No. 39. …

4. Justice Bombs. Angry Webloggers can mete out vigilante justice by Google Bombing sites that violate the bloggers' standards for Internet ethics.
—John Hiler, “Google Time Bomb,” Slate Magazine, March 25, 2002
2001 (earliest)
Here's how you can join in the first ever international google bombing:

1. Get a web site. If you already have a web site, you can skip this step. If not, be a cheap bastard and go Geocities, Angelfire, Pitas, whatever. I don't care. Everyone has something to say blah blah blah personal expression yadda yadda. Just remember the Google bombing.

2. Whenever you update your site, which should be approximately three to five times a week, be sure to include the following HTML at some point:

Andy "talentless hack" Pressman

3. Add your site to Google.

4. Wait for the magic to happen! Soon, whenever you type in talentless hack into google, you'll see Andy "talentless hack" Pressman smiling right back at you.
—Adam Mathes, “Filler Friday: Google Bombing,” Über: Better Than You, April 06, 2001
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