n. A business that combines a grocery store and a restaurant.
Allegedly, the new groceraunt features wide-screen televisions, a chef performing in-store cooking lessons, a wine-tasting bar and a brick-oven pizza counter. Yum!
—Heather Strang, “Spend Date Night at Whole Foods,” Retail Design Diva, April 18, 2008
A new business word is getting traction in Arizona. (No, it's not "sanctions.")

It's the term "groceraunt."

That's how Rose & Allyn's Chief Marketing Officer Stacy Pearson described the newest concept from Whole Foods Market.

The company's second prototype store in Arizona to feature such additions as a restaurant and a sit-down wine bar opened in Scottsdale last month.
—Chad Graham, “Whole new word,” The Arizona Republic, March 14, 2008
1996 (earliest)
At the restaurant show, attention focused on the foodservice outlet that probably best embodies the trend toward "groceraunts", Eatzi's in Dallas, recently opened by Brinker, Intl., developers of the Chilis and Macaroni Grill chains, which is doing a brisk business and is looking to expand nationally. The upscale store is part restaurant, part supermarket, and offers a variety of ready- or nearly-ready-to-eat products prepared by chefs on-site.
—“Restaurant trade groups back food code with CFP changes,” Food Chemical News, May 27, 1996