adj. Of a word or phrase: short and memorable enough to be converted into a Twitter hashtag, possibly to the point of being dumbed-down or overly simplified.
Also Seen As
Shorthand for "downtown Los Angeles," DTLA has crept into the Angeleno lexicon over the last several years, a hashtag-friendly name that initially gained traction online and then bled into real life.
—Soumya Karlamangla, “In an emerging downtown, 'DTLA' makes a strong impression,” Los Angeles Times, January 19, 2015
Even if that's the case, networks can't resist cloning anything that's a hit on television, whether that's shows or campaigns. Given the success of both #TGIT and #WCW, they're all likely brainstorming hashtag-friendly campaigns in an effort to brand as many other nights of TV as possible.
—Jason Lynch, “After #TGIT and #WCW, 12 New TV Hashtag Campaigns We'd Like to See,” AdWeek, October 27, 2014
Newsweek magazine on Monday continued to display its unmatched penchant for creating hashtag-friendly cover designs — only this time, its intentions may have backfired.
—Christopher Zara, “Newsweek's 'Muslim Rage' Inspires Twitter Glee,” International Business Times, September 17, 2012
2009 (earliest)
Wondering: will conference planners start considering what names might be hashtag friendly?
—Theodora Blanchfield, “Wondering…,” Twitter, January 26, 2009
# are a topic convention/microtag. shows people your post is on/about x, plus gets picked up by hashtag friendly aggregators.
—Josie Fraser, “# are a…,” Twitter, September 03, 2008