hedge rage
n. Extreme anger or aggression exhibited by a homeowner in response to a neighbor's massive or overgrown hedge.
Also Seen As
Campaigners have said that problems with overgrown vegetation can lead to confrontation between residents, which has been dubbed "hedge rage".
—“High hedge bill endorsed by Holyrood committee,” BBC News, January 27, 2013
It’s hardly surprising that high hedges are the thorny issue of many neighbourly disputes. Now SNP MSP Mark McDonald is to bring a bill to Holyrood in a bid to create new laws to tackle so-called hedge rage.
—Roxanne Sorooshian, “Answer found at the bottom of a glass,” The Herald, September 10, 2011
1998 (earliest)
It seems hedge-rage is sweeping the nation, especially Leylandii which grows a yard a year and turns neighbours into gibbering wrecks.
—Graham Danton, “Strange logic of the human mind,” Western Morning News, March 20, 1998