pp. Making one's home the focus for social activities and work.
Other Forms
Hiving is the response to this craving for comfort and connection. Hiving is the embrace of others in a safe setting abuzz with activity and engagement. Home is an integral part of hiving, yet hiving is not just about home. A hive is command central for a more fully engaged and more broadly connected lifestyle.
—J. Walker Smith, “The Buzz About Hiving,” Direct, February 01, 2004
Like a beehive, a hive home represents engagement, interaction and connection with the outside environment. It has larger, open gathering areas. Hive homes are also often on smaller lots, encouraging use of community centers and parks that are an integral part of a hiving community.

'A hive is a home designed to open out and facilitate connection,' Smith said. 'Across all generations, family is more important than ever, and people see more value in community. Through hiving, home is the best place to re-establish relationships and connect with others.'

In a recent Yankelovich survey, 64 percent of the participants identified themselves as 'hivers."
—Chryss Cada, “'Hiving' new community buzzword,” The Denver Post, March 14, 2003
1988 (earliest)
It's beyond cocooning.

When the cocoon-that 1980s style of living that provides for everything and shuts out the world-becomes a workplace, it changes into something else.

Call it, instead, "hiving": the busy bee mentality.
—J. Linn Allen, “Work ethic carried to a new height,” Chicago Tribune, December 18, 1988