homeless deterrent
n. A physical obstacle or design that deters homeless people from sleeping in a particular area.
Other Forms
It has been encouraging to see the outrage over the London spikes. But the spikes that caused the uproar are by no means the only form of homeless-deterrent technology; they are simply the most conspicuous.
—Robert Rosenberger, “How Cities Use Design to Drive Homeless People Away,” The Atlantic, June 19, 2014
Although it hasn’t been stated that the spikes are intended to be a homeless deterrent (’cause why state the obvious?), that hasn’t stopped people from speaking out against them.
2005 (earliest)
I couldn't help but think of the great numbers of homeless in Chicago's subterranean streets (Michigan Avenue, Wacker Drive, Illinois) that have been displaced by the Mayor, who also populates the city with homeless-deterrent benches and the like.
—John Hill, “paraSITE,” A Daily Dose of Architecture, October 09, 2005