n. An entrepreneur who creates and manages a home-based business.
Helping to organize a home-business tradeshow convinced McGee that homepreneurs needed marketing help. So in 1994 McGee closed her business to devote herself to supporting entrepreneurs. She formed the Home-Works Business Association, which provides homepreneurs with education and networking opportunities. Next came WINGS, a series of networking groups for women.
—Kara Kuryllowicz, “Winners: Diane McGee,” Profit: The Magazine for Canadian Entrepreneurs, April 01, 2000
Many people are eager to escape the corporate jungle to embark on the adventures of a home-based business.

But there are some unique obstacles that challenge "homepreneurs."
—Leanne Wilkinson, “Survival skills for homepreneurs,” Calgary Sun, October 25, 1999
1991 (earliest)
Gord Hume doesn't need to hear the numbers. Instead, he can lean back in his chair, gaze out the window at his Byron neighborhood, and point to two other homepreneurs within viewing distance.
—Janine Foster, “No Place Like Home,” London Business Monthly Magazine, July 01, 1991