impulse saving
pp. Spontaneously depositing money into a bank or investment account.
Other Forms
Almost everyone makes impulse buys. But what about impulse saving? Spontaneously tucking money into a savings account instead of buying a candy bar or another item of clothing you don’t need?
—Taryn Plumb, “Startup focus: ImpulseSave's 'new paradigm of personal finance',” Boston Business Journal, August 08, 2013
There’s a really interesting and fun start-up called PiggyMojo. The idea is that you and a buddy team up to save. And so you and your spouse, you and your best friend, you and your sister, sign up together. You set up a savings goal. And then essentially, the idea is to try and turn impulse spending into impulse saving.
—Rachel Schneider, “Kitchen Table Economics: Rachel Schneider,” The Washington Post, April 26, 2013
2008 (earliest)
Have you ever gone to the mall and impulsively bought something you hadn’t intended?…It’s called impulsive buying and here’s a close cousin of it that is very powerful but less often used: impulse saving.
—Jim Wang, “Harness the Power of Impulse Saving,” Bargaineering, March 24, 2008
Mars in the solar money sector can affect our Leo in one of two ways. The less evolved Lion King/Queen gets made over into a monster of must-have madness, up all night e-shopping to supplement dysfunctional daytime Thing Lust. But the Neo Leo stems Qi leakage via true taste, substance and quality. This astro-passage is powerful fiscal medicine. Use it or lose it. There are just ten more impulse saving/shopping/investing days to go!
—Mystic Medusa, “Mystic Medusa,” Weekend Australian, October 05, 2002
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