information tamer
n. A technical writer who specializes in explaining complex concepts from fields such as science and computing.
Other Forms
In the United States, there are now highly paid professionals charged with translating obscure technical language, although we are not greatly filled with hope about the chances of their success as even their job description charters dangerously murky linguistic waters.

They are called "information tamers," or "information designers," and they are the new wave of corporate language mangler wranglers. The necessity for their very existence proves that the war is far from over.
—“The language manflers,” The Southland Times, March 16, 2002
2001 (earliest)
Information tamers turn industry, scientific, and technical gobbledegook into documents and Web content anyone can understand.
—“Cut through all the jargon,” NZ Infotech Weekly, January 29, 2001
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