kid credentialing
pp. Having a child participate in activities, programs, and experiences that will look good on the child's future college application.
Also Seen As
parents investing in "kid credentialing" lead to accomplished teens who are a mile wide and an inch deep.
—Lori Pickert, “parents investing…,” Twitter, November 17, 2013
Middle-class parents are understandably anxious to give their kids the best chance possible in life. That’s why they are willing to invest more in "kid credentialling" than ever. That’s why the word "parent" has turned from a noun into a verb.
—Margaret Wente, “The kids don’t play any more,” The Globe and Mail, November 16, 2013
2013 (earliest)
The goal made or missed at eight years old might not matter, but the skills acquired by engaging in competition do matter to elite schools and employers—emphasizing the real connection between the achievement gap and this accepted system of kid credentialing.
—Hilary Levey Friedman, “After-School Activities Make Educational Inequality Even Worse,” The Atlantic, November 13, 2013