n. A small laboratory, especially one close to and associated with a university.
Eli brought the strange fish [a pacu] to the local aquaculture laboratory of the Ministry of Agriculture, which fingered it as a piranha. … Mr. Ortenberg admitted that the aquaculture station should have looked the pacu in the mouth but thought that, under the circumstances, it had made a reasonable guess. 'It's not really a laboratory, just a lablet,' he said.
—Hillel Halkin, “EXTRA! Fake Piranhas Invade Sea of Galilee,” Ethnic NewsWatch, December 30, 1994
1991 (earliest)
Each lablet, which will house 20 to 30 researchers, will help Intel link up with a professor whose work fits with the firm's strategic plans.
—Robert Buderi, “Intel revamps R&D,” Technology Review, October 01, 1991
The suffix -let, "small one," has been used to turn normal-sized words into diminutives for nearly 600 years, and it remains a popular affix to this day. Other -let constructions that we've seen recently are applet, a small software application, especially one written in the Java language, and filmlet, a short film, especially one streamed from a website.
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