n. The processing of payments through a cell phone or handheld organizer.
"Australia is well positioned to take advantage of the tremendous growth of m-commerce in Asia, where penetration of PCs into the home has been relatively slow but mobile phone take-ups are some of the highest in the world," Mr Kiely said.
—Lou Caruana, “Aussies urge Europe to tech note,” The Australian, July 05, 2000
Vending machines are a favorite example among those peddling m-commerce concept. Rather than stand in front of a soda machine fishing for a dollar bill that is neither too faded nor too wrinkled, you may someday simply dial the phone number posted on the machine.
—Katie Hafner, “Will That Be Cash or Cell Phone?,” The New York Times, March 02, 2000
1997 (earliest)
Logica has unveiled its M-Commerce suite of services to support mobile e-commerce
—“Five Million Europeans To Use E-Commerce By Year 2000 — Logica,” Newsbytes, September 22, 1997