n. A person who is passionate about maps and cartography.
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Sometimes the book's appeal goes beyond mapheads (the new term for map lovers). But too often Brook veers off into digressions about historical minutiae that could only be of interest to historical geographers.
—Douglas J. Johnston, “Map history gets lost in thicket of details,” Winnipeg Free Press, September 28, 2013
But if the historical "discovery" of maps was a slow and gradual process, the way modern mapheads discover maps as children is more like the way cavemen must have discovered fire: as a flash of lightning. You see that first map, and your mind is rewired, probably forever.
—Ken Jennings, Maphead, Scribner, September 20, 2011
1998 (earliest)
Cartographers are looking for a few good hikers to update guidebooks and topos.

If you're a closet maphead longing for a chance to lay some contours of your own, there's a quad out there with your name on it.
—Michele Morris, “Put Yourself On The Map,” Backpacker, September 01, 1998
An alternative (if more than a little insensitive) meaning for this term is "a person who has a head birthmark that looks like a map", and it was used at least as long ago as 1989 (in reference to Mikhail Gorbachev's famous forehead birthmark),
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