n. A special video camera — small enough to be concealed inside stereo equipment or a teddy bear — used for spying on babysitters.
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"There's less of a demand in America for younger au-pairs who don't have any professional training," says Rebekah Lyons. "Employers want nannies with professional qualifications. About 20 to 30 of our nannies go there each year." Most professional nannies have studied childcare, nursing or montessori teaching. But parents are still understandably worried, and the result is the use of hidden cameras, known as "nanny-cams".
—Anna Carey, “Hands that rock the cradle…,” Sunday Tribune, March 10, 2002
1992 (earliest)
Junior's room is adorable, with its Bellini youth bed and the signed original illustration from "Make Way for Ducklings."

But what Westside toddler's room is truly complete without a Nanny Cam? For a mere $1,200, this teddy bear with a tiny video camera secreted inside will document what really goes on between nanny and her charge.

Is she really just another gorgeous girl from Sweden or is she the worst thing since diaper rash? Paranoid parents want to know, and Nanny Cam is just the bear to tell them.
—Patricia Ward Biederman, “Cloak and dagger,” Los Angeles Times, June 21, 1992