n. The inability to see beyond a technology's interesting technical aspects, particularly to miss its ethical implications; to see the world from the perspective of a nerd.
Other Forms
Noticing a trend: shaming engineers for not thinking ethically ("nerd-sightedness") but little talk of corporate ethics, which ultimately affect our society much more profoundly.
—MemNets, “Noticing a trend…,” Twitter, March 27, 2018
The other serious risk is something I call nerd-sightedness: the inability to see value beyond one’s own inner circle. There’s a tendency in the computer-science world to build first, fix later, while avoiding outside guidance during the design and production of new technology.
—Catherine Stinson, “Deep learning: Why it’s time for AI to get philosophical,” The Globe and Mail, March 23, 2018
A vain Korean addict. Nerdsighted. Weirdminded.
—“Park Bo Gum…,” K is my life, October 08, 2016
Jay [Leno]: Your known for wearing glasses. Are you near-sighted or far-sighted?
Tina [Fey]: I mostly need them to look cool. So I'm kind of nerd-sighted
—Ellie, “Jay: Your known…,” Twitter, October 20, 2012
2009 (earliest)
one of the songs on the soundtrack for Star Trek is named "Nerd Sighted." I really hope they make that joke in the movie. About Scotty.
—Steve Beaudry, “one of the…,” Twitter, May 03, 2009