pp. Explaining in an overly intellectual, obsessively detailed way, particularly when the topic is obscure or highly technical.
Other Forms
Of course, this example is just one type of the glorious and varied world that is nerdsplaining. Perhaps my little diatribe is fated to become the first in a series of posts about this pernicious behavior. I’m sure most of you have run into it at one time or another (or, depending on your friends, over and over again). What’s your favorite nerdsplaining story?
—Erika Ensign, “Nerdsplaining (Or Think Before You Tweet),” fangirlknitscarf, March 24, 2014
I think Caperton was just giving some back information to help understand the story. You said you hadn’t read the books, and now you say you never intend to. Caperton seemed to just be filling in the blanks of the plot, "nerdsplaining" if you will.
—librarygoose, “Hunger Games: What do you mean, the black girl was black?” (comment), Feministe, March 27, 2012
2011 (earliest)
I shall nerdsplain.
—Ratman_tf, “Fall of Cybertron” (comment),, October 10, 2011