Nintendo epilepsy
n. Epilepsy-like symptoms caused by up-close viewing of video games, television shows, or other events that feature rhythmic, fast-paced flashes of light and bursts of colour.
Furthermore, other aspects of video games may have adverse effects, such as 'Nintendo epilepsy', a photo-convulsive response to the video game image, or 'nintendinitis', a wrist tendinitis attributable to excessive playing of video games.
—“Video games: might they actually have some health value?,” Pediatric Report's Child Health Newsletter, October 01, 1991
The popular Nintendo video games may create health problems for people who play them for hours at a time, including "Nintendo epilepsy" and "Nintendinitis" of the thumb, doctors warn.
—“Nintendos linked to health problems,” The Miami Herald, May 17, 1990
1990 (earliest)
I should like to call attention to a new variation of an uncommon form of epilepsy, namely, "Nintendo epilepsy."
—Edward J. Hart, “Nintendo Epilepsy,” The New England Journal of Medicine, May 17, 1990