Nintendo thumb
n. A repetitive stress injury that causes swelling at the base of the thumb due to overuse of video games.
Professional skateboarding looks utterly terrifying, but even the timid can do kick flips, air walks and nose grabs in Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3 from NeverSoft. . . . [If] you have no fear or common sense, skateboarding looks as though it could be fun, and Tony Hawk 3 provides an opportunity to ride a skateboard onto moving cars and glide across telephone lines with no risk of injury beyond what my orthopedist calls Nintendo Thumb.
—Charles Herold, “Boarder's Dilemma: Bleed or Sink,” The New York Times, December 27, 2001
Another hazard is "Game Boy thumb" (also known as Nintendo thumb or numb thumb), an injury resulting from habitual use of push-button controllers on computer and video games.
—Yusuf Davis, “Tech News for Kids; Having fun just horsing around,” The Atlanta Journal and Constitution, September 27, 1998
1991 (earliest)
There is also the faint possibility of an attack of Nintendo Thumb, or Nintenditis. Nicole LaBruzzy, a 17-year-old from Utica, Michigan, is unable to carry a shopping bag and is suing Nintendo for damage to the thumb caused by over-enthusiastic pounding of Game Boy.
—Eric Bailey, “Is there is no rescue at hand in this Super Mario Land?,” The Daily Telegraph, December 23, 1991
This form of injury has what may be an even better name: Nintendinitis (see the earliest citation).