nth screen
n. Technology that displays video content on many different screens, particularly multiple, synchronized screens.
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The 'nth screen' has been lingering around the tech world for several years, but is expected to hit the big time in 2014. It basically means devices that are able to connect and share content between multiple displays. Sharing is caring, apparently, and companies will let you connect their devices together for a greater user experience.
—“Top 5 tech buzzwords for CIOs in 2014,” Computer Business Review, February 06, 2014
The Samsung RF4289 and RSG309 are two new state of the art refrigerator freezers hitting the market on [sic] 2011….Both of these units incorporate an eight inch LCD screen and built in Wi-Fi wireless internet connectivity….These refrigerators are a major component of Samsung’s Nth-Screen "seamless connectivity" strategy.
—“Samsung RF4289 And RSG309,” Your Refrigerator, July 26, 2013
2007 (earliest)
MultiMedia Intelligence specializes on the markets and technologies for delivering IP-based video to the 'Nth' screen. Looking beyond the classic 'three screens,' the company provides a multi-platform, ecosystem-based perspective.