n. A mobile phone payment model where users purchase data allowances for a predefined collection of apps.
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An under-discussed aspect of the strategy — which has already been tried in the Philippines, Paraguay and Tanzania — is the "pay-as-you-app" model, which charges users different rates for data consumed by different apps. Thus, while all apps are equal, some are more equal than others, in that will subsidize them, while data consumed by other, "less equal" apps will be charged on an individual basis.
—Evgeny Morozov, “Facebook's Gateway Drug,” The New York Times, August 02, 2014
Pay-as-you-App: the business model bringing apps to the next billion users.
—Andreas Constantinou, “Pay-as-you-App,” Twitter, June 25, 2014
2014 (earliest)
FreedomPop, the U.S. mobile carrier that offers users "free" mobile services (coming soon to Europe, too), is planning a Pryte-style "pay as you app" feature where users can buy data allowances for specific apps.
—Ingrid Lunden, “FreedomPop To Offer App-Sized Data Plans, Free Use Of Sponsored Apps,” TechCrunch, June 24, 2014