personalized pricing
n. Offering different retail prices to different customers for the same product.
Is the day when Internet retailers change their prices based on how badly you want something just around the corner?

A recent pricing experiment at raises the question of just how far e-retailers will take personalized pricing. The giant online seller had been offering customers different prices for DVDs. The price changes were random, Amazon insists.
—Janet Adamy, “Price test may hint at future,” The Dallas Morning News, September 21, 2000
1985 (earliest)
Personalized pricing will also come into vogue in the next five years. New account representatives will interview customers, display a smorgasbord of financial services, and then draw up a plan for each individual customer that will be priced on the total relationship.
—Jack W. Whittle, “Regulatory Restrictions Fade Out, New Strategies Fade In,” The American Banker, October 16, 1985
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