physically challenged
adj. Relating to a person with a physical disability or handicap.
But … you can't go to the beach because you fear your wheelchair will get stuck in the soft sand. Not only that, you just discovered that it's a long way to the resort's dining room - the one that has no wheelchair ramp, just stairs. Maybe you'll soak your sorrows in the resort's lovely pool, but alas, there is no lift to help you get into the water. You'd probably like to take a cruise around the island, too, but the boat is off limits because there are no wheelchair facilities aboard and, besides that, the chair is too bulky for most of the craft's small deck.

Suddenly, you find yourself trapped in paradise.

This is what many physically challenged people find when they arrive at vacation destinations. That's why they are encouraged to check every detail prior to their departure. That involves weeks of making phone calls, sending letters, checking Web sites. However, the extra work usually results in a much happier holiday for the many people with restricted physical abilities who love to travel the globe. And it's a number that keeps growing each year. According to a study released in the spring, 55 per cent of physically challenged people make an average of four trips a year.
—Vivian Macdonald, “The physically challenged are forced to make extra efforts,” Toronto Star, November 14, 2002
1984 (earliest)
Russel Derek, head of the LAOOC's handicapped-services department, said he thinks about six nations, including the United States, would enter competitors in the wheelchair events.

He said the ''physically challenged athletes'' will train at Santa Monica City College beginning next month and compete on Aug. 11, the final day of regular track and field competition. Those placing first, second and third will be given specially designed medals.
—“Olympics plan special events for disabled,” The Globe and Mail, March 24, 1984