n. Revenge taken in advance of an expected harm.
Can you tell that I'm planning prevenge?
Read my mind, yes, I'm planning prevenge
At the freak show,
in the front row,
mi amigo,
lost in the sound.
—They Might Be Giants, “Prevenge,” The Spine, July 13, 2004
But I have already had my revenge ("prevenge", if you will). Last week I installed code to change everyone's desktop image on July 1 to the Red Faction logo, with the words "The wheels of capitalism are greased with the blood of the workers". (Mine will say "Welcome to the Party, Comrade", just in case there is the slightest doubt as to who did it.) I had originally wanted "Bob" on July 5th, but that is a Saturday, and thus not likely to impress.
—Fantod, “Needless to say, I got the job,” alt.religion.kibology, June 23, 2003
1988 (earliest)
Plus, the day before the initiation is designated as "wog's revenge" —or, better, prevenge — and the wogs, with their 10-to-1 advantage, figure to take a heavy toll.
—Steve Johnson, “Nuclear Family,” Chicago Tribune, August 14, 1988
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