n. A high school girl who, while planning for her prom, becomes exceptionally selfish, difficult, and obnoxious.
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Inspired by films like High School Musical and the television show Glee, British teens are no longer content with the traditional end-of-term school disco and a plastic cup of lemonade to mark the end of their senior school years….

Such is the phenomenon's iron grip on the British teen's imagination that a new word has entered the lexicon: the Promzilla, a particular kind of prom-obsessed adolescent.
Esposito remembered the late Father Melton and the priest’s claim to fame to get anyone into a college, in exchange for the opportunity to go to Prendie’s prom with a "promzilla."
—Linda Reilly, “Augustinian priests will be missed greatly at Bonner,” Delaware County Daily Times, May 10, 2009
2004 (earliest)
Count yourself lucky, Michelle!! If you didn't know what a Bridezilla was, this means you've never met one. LOL There is also Promzilla (impossible to please prom dress client).
—Sharon, “what to charge?,” alt.sewing, October 28, 2004