n. Extreme psychological pain.
According to a study from Montpellier, France, "It has been suggested that psychological pain ('psychache') is a key factor in the suicidal process…We hypothesized that more intense psychache during a major depressive episode would be a factor of vulnerability to suicidal behavior."
—“Research by E. Olie and colleagues in life sciences provides new insights,” Mental Health Digest Weekly, April 19, 2010
Holden researches "psychache," or unbearable psychological pain, and how it relates to suicidal behaviour…"If they wish to address this sort of psychache then I think they need to focus in on which particular frustrated need is relevant for that particular individual," Holden said.
—Laura Payton, “Prisons must work to prevent suicides: expert,” Toronto Sun, April 05, 2010
1993 (earliest)
My neologisms are meant to clarify; to make sharper distinctions. (I see nothing frivolous in them.) Suicidology simply defines the field of knowledge of suicide and the practice of suicide prevention; psychache throws emphasis on the central role of psychological pain in suicide (and suicide's irreducible psychological character).
—Edwin Shneidman, Suicide as Psychache, Rowan and Littlefield, January 01, 1993