pumping party
n. An illegal gathering at which the participants are injected with large quantities of silicone by an unlicensed cosmetic surgeon.
He strode over to one of the Bratz shelves and peered at a box that contained something called the Wicked Twiins. Ciara was the "spunky" twin (" 'cuz I'm always causing trouble"); Diona was the "sparkly" twin (" 'cuz I'm in love with my own reflection"). Both Wicked Twiins were wearing black chokers, tight black T-shirts that said "Bad Girl," low-slung skirts (one chartreuse, one hot pink), and lace-up, high-heeled boots; one had bare legs, the other wore black fishnet stockings. "I mean, these are dolls that look like streetwalkers," Chris said. "Or, you know these underground 'pumping parties' you hear about, where people go for plastic surgery on the cheap? Well, they look like pumping-party victims."
—Margaret Talbot, “Little hotties,” The New Yorker, December 04, 2006
An appeals court has overturned the third-degree murder conviction of a man who prosecutors claimed injected a woman with a fatal dose of silicone at a private "pumping party." … Vera Lawrence, 53, … received the injections to enhance her buttocks at an apartment in March 2001.
—“Conviction in silicone poisoning death voided,” St. Petersburg Times, April 28, 2006
2001 (earliest)
Donnie "Viva" Hendrix and Mark Hawkins, both of Greenville, S.C., are suspected of running a silicone circuit from Atlantic City, N.J., to Key West, making regular stops in Jacksonville and Orlando to inject clients at what Sherry calls "pumping parties."
—Maya Bell, “Quest for beauty kills, disfigures,” Orlando Sentinel, July 22, 2001
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